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The course was very interesting, furthermore it was the most enjoyable course I had. Before the course I had a lot of problems with capturing photos, sometimes couldn’t set the correct parameters according to situation. Now it’s much clearer and at least I know how to make photos more… expressive and more interesting. The style was definitely changed from big subjects to smaller. Number of fights with neighbours because of internet while uploading pictures makes the memory brighter, at least there is something I can laugh at later 🙂 Despite I did not very good job, as I can see, I’m not dissapointed. It’s better to make mistakes during the study, than in real situations, furthermore the more mistakes, the more experience.



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A lot of people asked me what is the reason of “nightlife”, some others said that I’m crazy. At the same time the word “Nightlife” can be understood very differently: majority of people I know like clubs and discos, others like free-style racing during the night, some people like spend several nights in a year somewhere in mountains with friends and guitar around a warm fire, etc. I’m trying to show my view through these photos, my feelings and maybe some part of my life. Night changes the world, changes the people, their behavior, changes the way of thinking. It can give impressions, fear, calm, stress, rest or a lot of other emotions. I can not say that I like night for this or that or because of something else, but I just like it. I’m not sure whether the photos can explain something about it, but actually I probably wouldn’t able to link them with my attitude. Though never mind and don’t fill your head with useless information, just enjoy what you have and live as you can, or maybe better.

All photos were taken with brackets and edited in Photoshop.

1) Saturation increased, Lightness decreased and balanced, Color balance changed, Some parts deleted and background restored.

2) Saturation changed, Lightness increased and balanced, Colorization, decreased Noise a little.

3) Saturation increased, Lightness increased and balanced, Noise decreased, Cropped.

4) Saturation increased, people deleted, Lightness increased, Color balance changed a little, Cropped.

5) Lightness decreased and balanced, Saturation increased, Sharpened, Color balance changed a little.

6) it was already a day actually…

7) Saturation decreased, Lightness increased, Colorized, Cropped, Color balance changed.

8) Color balance changed, Decreased Noise a little.

9) Saturation increased, Lightness decreased, Lighting effects applied, Noise decreased.

10) The odd one.. Used panned car splashed the water. Erased almost all original water, added some other water pictures, used transformation, wrapping, cropping, color balancing for applying colors from original picture, color dodge, contrast levels, RGB layers, overlayed, eagle picture used


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This task I did quite bad.

It’s not very “attractive” or original, but I still can’t install photosop properly and take down problems with computer and study because of crash, so.. I put here the photo I was asked to make for Green Card. I didn’t make it smaller here.

f/4.5, 1/30 secs, ISO3200


I have some photo, quite old, it’s about a year. I made it when I started to learn the photoshop staff. It was far from pro camera, so the quality is not very good. And actually it’s not one photo. Unfortunately, I can’t say what parameters were.

But I don’t like to be captured..

Not formal:

My friend..

f/4, 1/60, ISO1250.

No environemtn portrait. Always had problems with people.


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Last week my neighbour suggested me to apply to green-card. We made a photocard for this, used photoshop, had fun with editing after that) On Thursday I damaged my hand, on Monday the arm. Did a lot of work programming and sold one. Have a lot of new problems, but so fed up with as don’t already care about.

There are some photos:

Project report

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That week was quite empty. My groupmates at Operation Management didn’t replied me as we planned, and we’re losing time for our project. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get home or at least outside the city. The last three days I spent cleaning my appartment during the day and walking at night. It was quite freezy. And I realy miss some people. Still can’t get any new ideas from this.


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Rule of thirdsЖ

f/4.5, 1/3 sec, ISO3200, bracketing=3

Leading lines:

f /3.5, 1/3 sec, ISO200, bracketing 3


f/5, 1/2 sec, ISO200, bracketing 3


f/3.5, 1/25 sec, ISO3200, no bracketing

f/4, 1/25 sec, ISO160, bracketing 3

f/4, 1/25 sec, ISO320, bracketing 3



Project report

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I don’t like the photos I made. They might be not bad, but it’s too orange for me. But I don’t have opportunity to go out the city. I’m not sure how to change the project, because I’m taking photos when I like the view, or when I can see some opportunity in editing, or when I just want. Maybe I will try to take some photos outside the city. And I could add some photoshop, if it’s allowed. I was thinking to turn to rain idea, but it’s quite difficult to make photos outside when it rains.

But I still have 6 hours to think.